We propose innovative and attractive occupations.

A training project for the youngest where they are involved in the development of creative and practical activities, appealing for their personal and professional growth, with high chances of developing as social entrepreneurs productive and responsible in their community, through formative processes designed in function of their known needs in the working local productive environment, as to motivate this sector of the population to take the wheels of their own destiny.

Duration and characteristics

Its character is formative and of attendance, directed to young people between 15 and 25 years of age.

Each workshop will have 3 months of duration, with capacity for twenty (20) people in each class. Each student will have a machine, instruments and materials adequate to the development of the formative activities. The creation of the Mobile Schools for Social-Productive Education will contribute directly to rescue human values and to encourage the growth of a stable economy in the trained population, as well as activating the strengthening of peace and coexistence inside the communalities.